Friday, July 15, 2011

Two weeks to retirement!

Well its two weeks to retirement. Retirement you say? Aren't you just 50? Well not real retirement, just retirement from the airline life. Not retirement as in going fishing, golfing, moving to blue hair country, getting a pocket watch and complaining about kids these days kind of retirement. No its more like a rebirth kind of retirement to discover new talents and new directions. The hope of a non working retirement went out the window with my pension when NWA filed bankruptcy in 2005. But my hope of finding a job I love and never working again as the saying goes, is very much alive. Here are some ideas. Truck Driving, small engine mechanic, cooking, running a concession stand, running a B&B to name a few. I am open to your ideas. I am willing to give just about anything a try if it is legal and moral. So keep your eyes open and let me know. I am all ears.

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