Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At Fifty years of age, here are twenty things I know so far.

  1. Control, more often than not, is merely an illusion.
  2. I can’t change other people.
  3. Ronald Reagan made us feel like Americans again.
  4. I am allergic to alcohol.
  5. Everyone is nuts but most people are not aware of it.
  6. I need to have my head examined (according to my mom).
  7. My wife loves me.
  8. When people say “It is what it is”, it usually isn’t.
  9. There is a God and he is much bigger than I first thought.
  10. We are more dishonest with ourselves than we are with other people.
  11. I don’t want to be ordinary.
  12. Sometimes choices are not either right or wrong; they are just choices.
  13. I am happier with lower expectations.
  14. In most cases, I would rather be happy than right.
  15. Circulating blood and breathing is a full time job.
  16. I like tractors and cooking.
  17. Admitting error is a sign of strength and not weakness.
  18. There are just as many sheep in wolf’s clothing than wolves in sheep’s clothing. I just don’t know why everyone is cross dressing.
  19. Acceptance is the answer to most of my problems.
  20. Fear, resentment, ego and dishonesty are my mortal enemies.

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