Sunday, January 30, 2011

My First Half Century Gift

Its early I know. But I got it in the mail this morning and I thought it prudent to open now. I am almost 50 you see and life at this age can be so uncertain. I will be the envy of the most hardcore biker gangs when I sport these babies on the open road. Don't know how old they are but likely prior to the jet age. Air forces were the department of the Army until after WW II so these suckers are old. Got them from an old friend I recently reconnected with. Lawrence is kind of a hybrid, a cross between Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne, so its anybodies guess where he got them. I have pictures in my head of a huge secret government warehouse piled high with crates, with cryptic writing on them like ABOVE TOP SECRET, OPEN ONLY IN CASE OF APOCALYPSE and such. Well at the rate the government has been spending lately, they probably started garage saling some stuff. Either way, THANKS LAWRENCE!!! Too cool!

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