Friday, January 21, 2011

You gonna eat your tots?

OK. Who does not remember the scene where Napoleon Dynamite hoards tots. I like tots but never bought tots at the market nor eaten them in my own home. Then I had some leftover meatloaf I didnt know what to do with and came accross a meatloaf casserole recipe that was topped with tots. It was great! But then I had some leftover steak and add some soup mix, top it with tots and holy crap! 49 years old and what have I been missing? Its all so clear to me now. A whole new world of Tater Tot recipes ahead of me to try. Who Knew? So what if I use leftovers and tots to make a casserole and don't eat it all? Do I go by the expiration date of the original item cooked or the date that the leftover casserole with tots was cooked? I just can't throw away tots. It feels so wrong. Hey, I know...

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